Dem Damn Dogs Radio

Mr. Pupp

Lights music artist, getting his start in Palm Beach, Florida, Mr. Pupp has been in this industry since he was a teen. Working alongside his father, Pupp flourished and grew from the zone of unknown music artists to a top ten music artist representing Florida. Mr. Pupp has proven over the years he is a man of many talents when it comes to this industry.

Pupp began working as a DJ with his cousin Von and the duo started a DJ group called the “Pound Puppy DJ’s”. From there it grew into the group we know and love Dem Damn Dogs . Besides being an artist himself, the producer revolution within him began. His talents in producing and management shined through as he so well proved with the female group Spoiled Rotten. They are well known for the hit female version of the Ying Yang Twins Whisper song.  When you ask yourself, what does producer mean, Mr. Pupp should pop in your mind.

Continuing his music producer career Pupp has also managed artists such as Triple J, 21 Reese, Shelby St. James, Big Shug, Young T, and Raylo. It is worth noting that Shelby St. James, Big Shug, and Young T. were hot on the Billboard charts for 28 weeks. With music being his heart, it was only fitting that he dibble in the radio industry. Catch Mr. Pupp keeping you lit through your evenings as a radio personality and general manager of Blazin 103.7 fm Orlando.