Dem Damn Dogs Radio


Vibing from the music, from the beginning, made him want to run the music. Skruface is one of Florida’s top music producers. He comes to you from Saint Petersburg, Florida yet raised in Melbourne, FLorida. The newest member of Dem Damn Dogs he began writing thoughts that moved him to making beats that will move you. His unique and aggressive style of flow is what he is known for. Skruface isn’t just an artist, he is also a radio personality.  Class of 2005 he started his first studio at the age of 18 and by the age of 20 he was a radio media personality. Skruface was the host of his own radio show called “Hard Life Radio: on WJFP. His radio show received nominations for Hottest Radio and Hottest Solo Artist.

Life in the fast lane at a young age brought about its own troubles but Skruface always managed to land on his feet and keep grinding. Skru is not only a beat producer but a dedicated manager. Skruface wanted to bless others with his talent and started MGM Money Gang Movement. In 2014 Skruface released his album “Purple Dreams and Nightmare”. Soon after he came harder and released his album “Built to Last” along with his solo videos: Cartel, Wreckless, Vert Musik, and Livin’ My Life, Fresh off the boat, Been down, and DRUGZ.

Skruface has seen a lot of accomplishments in his life and he’s not done yet. Check him out at where you can check out his mix cds and get to explore more of the man himself.